JILP Membership Information

JILP welcomes the Class of 2017 and welcomes back the Classes of 2015 and 2016. This year JILP is celebrating its 20th year and the editorial board is already hard at work preparing issues and the speaker series.

Membership Information

  • Eligibility:

    • JILP membership is open to all King Hall students, including those pursuing an LL.M.

  • Workload:

    • Members must complete 8 hours of journal work each semester to qualify for inclusion on the journal's masthead. This work includes cite-checking and bluebooking articles to ready for publication, participating in journal fundraising, attending journal meetings and international law presentations, and participating in journal committees.

  • How to join:

    • Please direct any questions to JILP's Editor-In-Chief, Anthony Seto, at


The staff of the UC Davis Journal of International Law and Policy (“JILP”) is excited to publish its twenty-first volume this year. The UC Davis Journal of International Law and Policy publishes semi-annually and strives to contribute pertinent and interesting scholarly works to the field of international law.

Speaker Series

JILP is pleased to host several speakers throughout the year, ranging from lectures given by renown professors to judges on international tribunals. The series will continue throughout the year, in place of our annual symposium. Read more »

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