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Posted By Joanna Cuevas Ingram, Editor-in-Chief, Sep 19, 2011

UC Davis Journal of International Law & Policy (“JILP”) is very excited to introduce our new JILP Blog

We welcome and encourage you to check back frequently for new postings.

Postings and submissions are authored primarily by UC Davis Law JILP Board Members; however, we invite international law scholars and faculty to enrich the debate online with relevant articles, updates and contributions to our blog as well.  

The official theme for Volume 18 of JILP is:  

Human Rights, Transitional Justice and Emerging Democratic Movements in the Middle East & North Africa.

Among the spectrum of topics included in this theme, JILP is exploring seven specific issue areas:

1.     Human rights protections and instruments: relationships with the United Nations ("UN"), International Court of Justice ("ICJ"), International Criminal Court ("ICC"), international ad-hoc tribunals and other international bodies;

2.     The use of social networking and new technologies in popular democratic movements;

3.     Transitional justice in what many commentators are calling the "Arab Spring" or the Revolutionary Era;

4.     Comparative constitutional reform;

5.     Internal economic development and other trade developments in the Revolutionary Era;

6.     Empowered youth leadership in popular democratic movements;

7.     and related lessons for U.S. domestic and foreign policy.

Please feel free to contribute submissions to our blog--we look forward to contributions relevant to the theme for Volume 18 of the Journal as detailed above, designed to enliven and engage critical discourse around international law, emerging popular democratic movements, and the role of technology in our globalized world. 

Please kindly submit your posts to Sarah Anker, Juan-Carlos Perez, or Silviu Ghimpu, our Web/Archive and JILP Blog Editors.

We look forward to your contributions!

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Joanna Cuevas Ingram

U.C. Davis Journal of International Law and Policy, Vol. 18